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How we're supporting upcoming events

Over the last few months, we have been managing a host of logistics requirements from the set up of NHS Vaccination centres to the relocation of signage for Saracens Rugby Club! However, our key industry is Events and Exhibitions, which we are slowly seeing returning across the globe.

Over the next few months, we are attending a range of events with clients, supporting the freight of their stand and the high-value items on the stands. In addition to this, the new regulations for transport have resulted in our clients requiring our support and knowledge for documentation and overcoming regulatory barriers. Here is how we can support event managers at the following shows:

MWC Barcelona - 28th June to 1st July

To enter Spain, it is no longer enough for Europeans to present identity papers and for travellers from the rest of the world a passport and a visa. In fact, since the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the rules for travelling and shipping goods to Spain have evolved as a result of medical knowledge and various government decisions. We all hope that this new regulation is temporary, but it is essential that you take it into account when preparing to travel to Barcelona.

In addition to showing your ID and visa, visitors will also be required to present a QR code for their Spanish health control forms. This is in addition to a negative PCR or TMA test. These requirements apply to travel by plane, boat, train or road.

Like you, your goods shipped to Spain now also require correct customs paperwork and declarations. Without these, there are usually considerable delays and may run up substantial demurrage charges. We offer a full documentation and customs service to our clients where we ensure all paperwork is pre-checked and customs procedures are followed to avoid delays and potential fines.

Cabsat - 24th May to 26th May

When importing goods to Dubai, there are very strict customs requirements on documentation. We have vast experience in this area and can take responsibility for advising you and pre-checking your paperwork on your behalf. Shipping your show goods to Cabsat can be completed via air or sea, we can recommend which option will be the best for you taking into account cost, time requirements and Co2 admissions.

Strong event planning is important here as shipping to Dubai is not a quick process, therefore having clear timescales set out is important to ensure your goods arrive in time for show set up. We would recommend getting in touch ASAP if you need support with logistics for Cabsat.

ISE London - 23rd June to 24th June

Back on UK turf, ISE certainly looks to be the simpler of the three upcoming shows we are supporting. However, we must also take into account the additional Health and Safety requirements in line with COVID-19.

When partnering with Think Expo Logistics, you can rest assured that we have completed the necessary risk assessments, inventory and pre-show checks. We have worked closely with several partners on the logistics for the NHS vaccination centre setups, evidencing our experience of working within COVID-19 guidelines within the UK.

Don’t forget, when you partner with us, you aren’t just getting documentation and regulation support but also 24/7 customer service support and guaranteed on show presence from an experienced member of our team who have been working in the events industry for 17+ years.

For more information or a quote for any of the above shows, please get in touch with us. or 01243 908075

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