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Our Top Tips for CES 2022

CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. It is held in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, the event typically hosts presentations of new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry. The 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled due to the global pandemic however, the last event in 2019 saw 182,000 attendees visit across the three dates.

Here’s the CESofficial video, check it out to see why we’re so excited:

With the USA only just “reopening” for flights from the UK, approaching the logistics for this show can feel a little daunting. Fear not! At Think Expo Logistics, we have put together our top tips of things to consider before attending the show…

Firstly, we would definitely recommend shipping early! This is something we would suggest every year, but with the added “red tape” that comes with the global pandemic and Brexit, air and sea services are limited. Please do not think these factors will not affect your shipping times - they will. We’re posting this blog in November 2021 and at this point, your shipments should already be on the way to Las Vegas ready for CES in January 2022 (if you’re suddenly thinking “ahhhhh” - please contact us).

We mentioned red tape, which leads nicely onto our next point… Make sure all of your wooden packing and materials are ISPM15 compliant. The purpose of this compliance regulation is to prove that the wood has been heat-treated appropriately and is free of pest infestations. Your goods will not make it past customs if you cannot evidence this.

Our next tip is a simple but effective one; check your paperwork. One simple mistake can cause long delays in what is already a lengthy process. No matter your level of expertise or how long you have been shipping, we would always recommend having a second person check your paperwork for you prior to shipment. Fresh eyes are often handy for picking up small errors.

We’re going to dive straight in with our next tip… Know the drayage rules. It sounds silly but they’re different for every country and have changed in line with all that has been going on in the world. Ensure your information is up to date and that you are offey with the latest rules for shipping into the USA. We would also recommend booking and paying in advance.

Whilst we’re on the topic of rules, make sure you have read, digested and shared with your teams attending the CES Health Protocols. Failure to comply with any of these points could have a huge affect on your show readiness (and success!).

Lastly, we would leave you with the following advice; don't be scared to ask. If you're not sure on something, need a date or just want to check a piece of show information, contact your appointed logistics partner. We are here to help and support you through your show planning.

If you are yet to appoint a logistics partner with experience of shipping to the USA, Think Expo Logistics have almost 20 years of experience and would be delighted to support you. Please get in touch with us for more information and a free quotation.

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