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What can customers expect from our new app?

Shipment tracking comes as standard for B2C now, consumers can see their goods journey every step of the way from the company they have ordered from to their front door. If you’re wondering when B2B shipping will catch up, we have good news… The future is now!

We are proud to release our new app which allows customers to track their shipments globally. It’s been a long time coming for the logistics industry and we believe we are one of the first shipping companies to offer this level of digitalisation.

Within this blog, we will share some of the key features of our app.

White labeling - This allows you to brand your client login portal with your logo and company name so that when your clients track shipments, it looks as though they are using your technology. A fantastic way to benefit from digitalisation without having to invest any capital yourself.

Location tracking of vehicles - You can track any vehicle at any point during its journey, even if you have multiple shipments across multiple locations. Here is an example of a tracked shipment route.

Quotes, invoices and documentation all in one place - There will no longer be a need to have paper forms flying around on your dashboard or desk. Our app neatly keeps each documentation for each job in one place that both you, and your client, can access at any time. If you get an out of hours call about a shipment you can look at all paperwork, as well as its live location, in one place.

Electronic signatures - Sustainable shipping is really important to us, the less paper we can use, the better. The integration of our app into our day to day work allows electronic signatures to replace the need for paperwork and written signatures on arrival. This will be replaced by iPads or phones to allow receipts to sign for their shipment.

Picture updates on arrival - In addition to taking a signature, the app also allows a picture to be updated. For those working in the event space, this means you will have peace of mind of exactly when, and where, your shipment is dropped to on site. This is pretty standard for B2B shipments but feels very new and exciting for those of use working in the Event, Exhibition and Trade show space where we’re keen to never hear “we dropped it at the back door” again!

Onward shipments from shows to different locations - Another key feature for those of us in the event space will be the ability to send different shipments on to different locations after a show has finished. So, if you need a TV taken to one place but the rest of the stand dismantled and shipped into storage, that can be arranged. Your interaction with us from first contact through to show completion will be a smooth and seamless experience.

Want to hear more? Get in touch, we’d love to explain our offering in more detail.

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