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Your guide to ATA Carnets

We have had several clients, both stand builders and exhibitors, who have chosen to take their own freight into Europe for exhibitions. Think Expo Logistics helped our clients by producing them an ATA Carnet to transit on. Here are some top things you need to know about ATA Carnets...

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is effectively a passport for goods. It shows customs at each country where the goods have been, how long for and what is included within the shipment.

What is the process?

STEP 1: Paperwork

We help our clients prepare their paperwork, advising what is needed, from serial numbers on equipment to dimensions of walls and doors.

STEP 2: Approval

Once we have submitted the ATA Carnet paperwork, it was then approved by the local chamber.

STEP 3: Carnet Stamp

We arrange delivery and help our clients through the whole process of getting the carnet stamped. If you aren’t utilising our services, here is what you need to do:

  • In the UK, drivers can report to any of the inland border points to get their carnet stamped. If they are not conveniently located we can tell you where to go at the port to get the carnet authorised.

  • The customs agent will ask to see inside your vehicle and can fully inspect all items that you are carrying.

  • Don’t forget only items that will return after the event can be added to a Carnet, any consumed items must be declared to customs.

  • On entering the EU you must also get the carnet checked and stamped by customs at the border.

… You are then free to transport your items to any location in Europe!

Top tips when working with ATA Carnets

  • Don’t lose the carnet.

  • Don’t forget any items sent on the carnet must return.

  • Get a customs stamp at each border crossing.

  • Do the same in reverse when coming home.

Our experience of our clients using ATA Carnets is that they find it a very useful tool and very easy to use to transport their own equipment. If you need support with your full logistics process, or just the ATA Carnet paperwork, please get in touch.

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