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Your Guide to ISE Barcelona

For the past 16 years, ISE has taken place at RAI in Amsterdam. However, in 2022, the show will take place in Barcelona! An exciting move from the team at ISE and we are looking forward to what we hope will be slightly nicer weather than Amsterdam in February.

Within this blog, we have put together our top logistics tips as well as some handy tourist information, just in case you have a few down days!

Local Attractions

In addition to the sun, Barcelona offers exhibitors more space, great facilities and a new city to explore. Barcelona is famous for its eclectic architecture with the amazing La Sagrada Familia and strong influences of Picasso.

La Boqueria might be Barcelona’s oldest market - it started life in 1217 as a mere huddle of meat stalls on La Rambla. Nowadays, there are over 200 stands to explore so whether you’re looking for local food, handmade goods or just somewhere to explore, check out La Boqueria.

Park Güell is the city’s grandest park, which began life as a collaboration between entrepreneur Eusebi Güell (hence the park’s name) and Antoni Gaudí. It’s important to know your ticket options. The free ticket gets you into the park, but not into the best parts. So, if you have the time and the euros, we’d recommend investing in a full ticket.

If you have a day free, definitely consider venturing up Tibidabo mountain. You’ll notice this location from the city centre as it is high on a summit with an impressive silhouette. At the top, you will find the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor (or Sacred Heart church, easier on the tongue) alongside retro-styled attractions, such as a Ferris wheel. The views are unbelievable so aim for a clear day if you can.

Shipping Paperwork

We mustn’t forget that we are going to Barcelona to work! Before taking your trip to any of the above attractions, you need to get your goods to Barcelona safely and on time. Make sure your customs paperwork is correct and you take guidance from your freight forwarder and customs agent.


Transit times to Barcelona are a lot longer than to Amsterdam. Almost 1000 miles from London, your goods will spend the best part of 3 days in a truck if you have chosen to ship via road freight. Allow plenty of time as your freight may need to arrive up to 10 days before the show to allow enough time for temporary import procedures.

We hope you enjoy the first ever ISE Barcelona and as ever, if you need logistics support, please get in touch.

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