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Road Freight

Think Expo Logistics is a first-class logistics service providing transportation and delivery for trade shows and exhibitions worldwide. Our road freight forwarding services provide you with freight transportation and delivery expertise for group-page, part, and full loads, and committed customs and express clearance services throughout Europe and Worldwide. 

With more than twenty years experience, we’ve become a trusted road freight service provider in in the UK expanding our services to all of Europe. Our global presence and a local and international network of logistics partners enable us to guarantee safe and quick deliveries. 

Our employees are qualified to manage complete and urgent transportation requirements and offer you high-level local road freight logistics solutions. While full load consignments are forwarded door to door safely, part loads are consolidated every day to our offices throughout Europe. Our lorries are on the road every day, offering ample loading space for your part and full loads and customization—providing flexibility for all your road freight needs. 

Our less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping allows you to transport all kinds of exhibition materials and goods—regardless of their size and , weight. Our road freight forwarding services provide you with a range of value-added options like express and regular departures for full and LTL consignments. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of exhibition you want to showcase your work in. Think Expo Logistics’ road freight service in Chichester uses various equipment ranging from boxes, tilts, express vans and mega trailers to dedicated vehicles for refrigerated cargo and garments. 

Groupage Road Freight Forwarding Services You Can Trust

With over two decades of industry experience and dedication to providing our customers with pro-active and fast customer care, we’ve won our valued clients' confidence. Whether you have a single shipment or full loads every other day, our customers know that their shipments are safe with us because we know how to handle your goods.

As a dedicated road freight forwarding service that connects Chichester with the rest of Europe, Think Expo Logistics prides itself on delivering top transportation services. Our group-page network is spread across Europe, ensuring scheduled and frequent departures and cost-effective logistic solutions for road freight movement across the continent. 

Things we’re proud of:

  • Dedicated offices present throughout Europe

  • Direct Services

  • Arranged Weekly Departures 

  • Trusted transit schedules

  • Double manned operations

  • competitive tariffs

  • Fast customer service


Part and Full Load Road Freight in Chichester

Our employees are highly trained in managing all cargo types providing personalised services for part and full load road freight forwarding throughout Europe. 

We provide:

  • Cost-effective and flexible transportation solution with an extensive range of transportation vehicles.

  • Well established and trusted network of partners globally.

  • Consistent training for all drivers and freight handling personnel to ensure customer satisfaction regarding unloading and loading of exhibition materials.

  • Detailed and stringent contracts for transportation companies.

  • Active tracking and monitoring of shipment status through the online portal.


Think Expo Logistics’ representatives are available 24/7 to assist and advise you about road freight forwarding and handling, along with managing all associated legal requirements. If you choose us, you choose the safety of your exhibition materials.

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