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Air Freight

At Think Expo Logistics, we offer holistic air freight services in the UK expanding to Europe, North America, Middle East, East Asia, and Australia. Since air is among the safest and fastest modes of transporting exhibition materials, we provide top-of-the-line services including collection, documentation, on-site facilitation, and return. 

Our employees go through rigorous training and are equipped to provide the best solution to your air freight problems. Our proactive approach to our customer and our high-end tracking system enables you to get instant updates about your freight’s status. This way, we always ensure that your shipment is always on schedule. 

Our expansively growing network offers you a full suite of air freight logistic solutions to and from a variety of places across the globe. By forming alliances with top-grade airlines, we can control space allocation, transit times, and great flexibility, enabling us to provide you with premium freight services.

Our team at Think Expo Logistics is always equipped with up-to-date knowledge about air freight compliance conditions. With our centres across the world, our employees are well aware of the ins and outs of local rules and regulations. That’s why when it comes to documentation support, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our team can manage all documentation and administrative processes like security, customs clearance, compliance, and license requirements to ensure that you don’t fret about anything. Just wait for your air cargo freight to go from one place to the other safely. 


Air Freight Tracking Perfect For You

As a first-class international air cargo freight forwarding service, we realise that our job is time-critical. As such, our offices around the globe use an efficient online portal to ensure that you receive real-time visibility and accuracy anywhere in the world.

When you dispatch your exhibition material with us, we provide you with a unique tracking number that automatically updates you about your shipment and its estimated time of arrival. This helps you to plan out your workload. 

Why Choose Our Air Freight Services?

Think Expo Logistics’ air freight service centres are strategically located near the airport to ensure a streamlined movement of air freight shipments. As a premium end-to-end service, we offer:

  • Door to door services

  • Door-to-airport services

  • Airport-to-door services

  • Airport-to-airport services

It doesn’t matter what kind of exhibition needs you have; our team can offer you a customized air freight logistic solution. Here’s a holistic list of our air freight services:

  • IATA Direct flights

  • 24 / 7 / 365 service

  • Special projects and charter flights

  • Global door to door air cargo forwarding

  • Transportation of sensitive materials

  • Entire handling – from warehouse storage to exhibition venue set up.

  • Consolidation services

  • Documentation handling and customs clearance

  • Combined sea and air freight services

  • Procurement logistics

  • First flight out services

  • ISO certification

Think Expo Logistics’ representatives are available 24/7 to assist and advise you about air freight forwarding and handling, along with managing all associated legal requirements. If you choose us, you choose the safety of your exhibition materials. 

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