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Sea Freight

At Think Expo Logistics, we offer a holistic range of international sea freight forwarding service that can manage all kinds of exhibition material regardless of its weight, type, and volume. 

Our trained and skilled sea freight team works with an extensive and interconnected network of trusted partners across the world. Our services extend to Europ, Middle East, Americn, Africa,Asia, and Australian markets. Therefore, you'll get invaluable local support and knowledge to ensure your cargo's security in transit. 

Think Expo Logistics' dedicated team of individuals are well-versed with the ins and outs of the sea freight industry putting your mind at ease,. They can take care of door-to-door solutions based on your size, weight, and time requirements so that you never have to worry about anything!

Our network ensures efficient solutions for regularly transporting group-page consignment according to our fixed and strict schedules that provide frequent departures at competitive market prices. This way, we minimise transport time with direct load transit and reduce cargo handling.

Our network for sea freight forwarding service, combined with distribution and procurement logistics, ensures reliable and on-time managing and delivery of your exhibition shipments across the world. Our team consistently monitors and documents the progress of your shipment through the online portal and provides you with credentials to do so yourself, so that you know where your goods are at all times. 

Our Sea Freight Forwarding Services Include:

FCL (Full Container Load):

We offer full container load sea freight services for your valuable materials that you don't want to ship with other LCL cargo. FCL is also a viable option if you're going to send larger loads of materials for your event.

LCL (Less Than Container Load):

This type of shipping means that you can share the container space with other consignments that are also shipping through that channel. If you don't have a lot of exhibition material and you're planning to cut costs, LCL could be the best option for you. 

Why Choose Think Expo Logistics over Other Sea Freight Forwarding Services?

Secure Global Network: Since we've been in this industry for almost two decades, we've fostered relationships and extended our global network worldwide Our team strives to offer you global logistics solutions with local expertise to ensure successful shipping and effective communication.

Competitive Pricing: Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to build a global shipping network that lets us keep our prices low and competitive compared to other services—simultaneously providing a service that stands for professionalism and trust. 

Impeccable Customer Service: Think Expo Logistics' representatives are available 24/7 to assist and advise you about sea freight forwarding and handling, along with managing all associated legal requirements. 

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