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How we can help with staged freight in Europe

There is no denying that the post COVID-19 and Brexit logistics industry is very different to the previous landscape. Organisation, well timed planning and attention to detail has never been so important. In fact, without these factors, it is likely that your shipment will not reach its destination on time!

What is staged freight?

As well as the mentioned attributes, another way you can ensure logistics success is to operate staged freight. A staged logistics programme allows you to stock your inventory in multiple locations along its journey. Stock is usually held near to its final destination.

What are the benefits of staged freight?

  • One of the big benefits of outsourced logistics and staged freight is that it eliminates the hassle of managing your own warehouse space.

  • In addition to this, all the required paperwork is completed for you to ensure smooth transition from warehouse to final destination.

  • At Think Expo Logistics, we have agents and warehouse facilities across the world. We are able to hold your show goods at a warehouse locally to the exhibition or trade show you are attending.

  • Holding your goods between shows also reduces the number of journeys to and from locations, therefore reducing your Co2 emissions.

  • Staged freighting ensures your goods are within the right country within good time, allowing you to rest assured that you will have everything you need when your stand build begins.

How can this benefit you with your exhibitions? By sending your freight early to our advanced warehouse you have total peace of mind that your freight will arrive in good time and allow time for any potential customs or transport delays.

It also means that we can check your freight for any damage or discrepancies and advise you well in advance of your required delivery date to your stand. In addition, if you are sending shipments from multiple locations or countries, we can receive, check and consolidate these onto 1 or more pallets to keep your final leg transport costs down and save your site charges.

Did you know, it can cost as much as €150 to have your courier shipment received at show site by some show officials? To find out more about staged freight, please get in touch.

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