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How can logistics partners support event exhibitors?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

There are two key ingredients to getting your event plans right - having a clear (and realistic!) project timeline and having the right partners in place to support you. The types of partners an event planner might choose to instruct are design, build, media/PR, analytical… But what about logistics?

Making sure your stand, and the goods for your stand, arrive on time, every time, is key to ensuring event success. Here are some of the top ways partnering with a logistics specialist can benefit you:

Investing in tech without having to use your business’s capital

At Think Expo Logistics, we use our revolutionary B2B shipping tracking technology so that you can see where all your show shipments are around the globe at any time, all from one device. This type of technology is expensive but by partnering, you get all the benefits of using this system without having to invest any capital.

No shipping/freight administration headaches

Customs forms, red tap, entry forms, duty, VAT and HMRC can make international shipping and freight a lengthy process. This can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the knowledge to be able to work with agencies to overcome these challenges. By enlisting the support of a logistics company, we would take care of this for you.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability in our processes and materials used is really important to us, hopefully, it’s important to you too. Sustainable packaging can be expensive when purchased in small quantities, however, when buying in bulk (like we do!), it is a cost effective and planet friendly way to ensure your goods are wrapped, packaged and sent without increasing your carbon footprint.

Less time pressure for you

There is a lot of pressure in the lead up to an event, any services you can outsource to save yourself both time and pressure is really important to manage your own work life balance.

You can minimise the number of staff onsite

At Think Expo Logistics, we are not a “General freight forwarder”, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the very best levels of service from us, and often this means that we will be on site at your exhibition to oversee your freight. As we are onsite to accept your delivery, do the heavy lifting and ensure everything runs smoothly, you do not need to have as many staff members on hand to support.


The show is over… What now? External Logistics companies often have a take away and storage facility that you can benefit from. This means you can rest assured that your goods are packed and stored safely.

To learn more about how you can benefit from working with us, please get in touch.

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